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Aging Workforce Management in the Automobile Industry


Selbstselektion statt Personalauswahl? Auslandsentsendungen ...


Bureaucracy, the Holocaust and Techniques of Power at Work


Mechanisms of Change


Berufliche Chancengleichheit von Frauen und Männern


Corporate Governance als Erfolgsfaktor?


East German economic elites and their companies


Who is undermining employee involvement in postsocialist supervisory boards?


Employee Participation in Organizational Change


Editorial: Human Capital Management – a long and winding road


Human Capital Management: The German Way


From HRM to Employment Rules and Lifestyles


Wer nutzt HR-Outsourcing?


Hungarian and Central Eastern European characteristics of human resource management


Industrial Democracy: Historical Development and Current Challenges


Much Ado about Nothing? Recent Labour Market Reforms in Germany


Betriebsspezifische Formen der Mitarbeitervertretung


Multi-unionism and the Representation of Sectional Interests in British Workplaces


Organizational life-cycle


Organisationskapital und Humankapital als strategische Ressourcen


Die betriebswirtschaftliche Logik von Outplacement-Leistungen


The End of Personnel? Managing Human Resources in Turbulent Environments


Resource Dependence Theory – How Well Does It Explain Behavior of Organizations?


The development of small enterprises in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the Russian Federation


Trade Union Decline and What Next. Is Germany a Special Case?


Die VW-Affäre - Lehrstück zu den Risiken deutschen Co-Managements?


Working Time Flexibility in the German Employment Relations System


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