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International Journal of Action Research, 2015, volume 11, issue 3  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     233-235


Mahesh Poudyal, Gun Lidestav, Per Sandström, Stefan Sandström
Supporting community governance in boreal forests by introducing participatory-GIS through Action Research     236-264

Carmen L A de Santana, Francisco Lotufo Neto
Developing a mental health programme for refugees based on participatory Action Research: An experience from São Paulo, Brazil     265-288

Gunilla Albinsson
Development-oriented learning in a project team. Applying an interactive research approach     289-316

Helle Alrø, Poul Nørgård Dahl
Dialogic feedforward in group coaching     317-338

Ruth Pavan, Maria Cristina Lima Paniago, José Licínio Backes
Action Research and intercultural dialogue: An experience with Brazilian Indians     339-363

Cheron Zanini Moretti, Danilo R. Streck
Homage to Fals Borda: A report from III International Symposium of Action and Participatory research (Bogotá, June 22-25, 2015)     364-374

Contents of IJAR, volume 11, issues 1-3     375-376

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International Journal of Action Research, 2015, volume 11, issue 1-2  

First pages

Werner Fricke, Sabine Pfeiffer
Editorial: Action Research perspectives in German social science 2015     

Ines Langemeyer
'The most important safety device is you!' On the specific nature of high-tech work process knowledge     14-39

Kristin Carls
Precariousness meets passion – Fields of conflict in editorial and social work     40-78

Nicole Mayer-Ahuja
Research for whom? Labour sociology between observation, co-management and social critique     79-92

Daniela Wuehr, Sabine Pfeiffer, Petra Schuett
Participatory research on innovation – Methodological approaches to challenges in the field and practical experiences     93-117

Andrea Gabler
Workplace ethnographies – an underestimated source of subject-oriented work research     119-145

Norbert Huchler, Stefan Sauer
Reflexive and experience-based trust and participatory research: Concept and methods to meet complexity and uncertainty in organisations     146-173

Stephanie Porschen-Hueck, Judith Neumer
Participation in enter-prises and in research: The case of innovation work     174-194

Peter Birke, Florian Hohenstatt, Moritz Rinn
Gentrification, social action and 'role-playing': Experiences garnered on the outskirts of Hamburg     195-227

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International Journal of Action Research, 2014, volume 10, issue 3  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     281-283


Peter Reason
Justice, sustainability, and participation     284-309

Tuomo Alasoini
Learning from learning networks.Experiences of the Finnish Workplace Development Programme     310-338

Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen
Power and contexts: Some societal conditions for organisational action research – Clashes between economic-management and pedagogic-social discourses     339-375

Crystal Tremblay, Budd L Hall
Learning from community-university research partnerships: A Canadian study on community impact and conditions for success     376-404

Book Review
James Karlsen & Miren Larrea (2014).
Territorial development and action research: Innovation through dialogue
reviewed by Ken Dovey     405-408

Contents of IJAR, volume 10, issues 1-3     409-410

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International Journal of Action Research, 2014, volume 10, issue 2  

First pages

James Karlsen, Miren Larrea (guest editors):
Editorial: Interaction between research and practice     125-128


James Karlsen, Miren Larrea
The contribution of Action Research to policy learning: The case of Gipuzkoa Sarean     129-155

Emil A. Sobottka, Danilo R. Streck
When local participatory budgeting turns into a participatory system. Challenges of expanding a local democratic experience     156-183

Mikaela Vasstrøm, Roger Normann
Role transformations in collaborative R&D-projects as reciprocation between research, practice and policy     184-212

Øyvind Pålshaugen
Dialogues in innovation: Interactive learning and interactive research as means for a context sensitive regional innovation policy     213-234

Hans Chr. Garmann Johnsen, Jon P. Knudsen, Roger Normann
Action Research strategies at the “third place”     235-256

Richard Ennals
Learning from differences     257-275

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International Journal of Action Research, 2014, volume 10, issue 1  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     5-7

Anne Haugen Gausdal, Jarle Moss Hildrum, Bjørn Gustavsen
Translating knowing that into knowing how: The case of trust in regional network building     8-33

Svein-Tore Kristiansen
Facilitating innovation in networks composed of non-mandated relations     34-53

Nina Bonderup Dohn
On the necessity of intertwining ‘knowledge in practice’ in action research     54-97

Øyvind Pålshaugen
Action research for democracy – a Scandinavian approach     98-115

Book Review
Werner Fricke, Hilde Wagner (Eds.) (2012). Demokratisierung der Arbeit. Neuansätze für Humanisierung und Wirtschaftsdemokratie (The democratization of work: New approaches to humanisation and economic democracy)     116-118
reviewed by Marika Höhn

Report from the Conference on Participation and Power, Aalborg University     119-120
by Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen

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International Journal of Action Research, 2013, volume 9, issue 3  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     275-277


Kristina Håkansson, Tommy Isidorsson, Hannes Kantelius
Stable Flexibility – Long-term Strategic Use of Temporary Agency Workers in Sweden     278-299

Courtney Ann Vaughn, Daniel G. Krutka
Self-Reflections, Teaching, and Learning in a Graduate Cultural Pluralism Course     300-332

David Coghlan
What Will I Do? Toward an Existential Ethics for First Person Action Research Practice     333-352

Book Review

Henri Bortoft (2012). Taking Appearances Seriously: The Dynamic Way of Seeing in Goethe and European Thought
reviewed by John Shotter     353-371

Contents of IJAR, volume 9, issues 1-3     372-373

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International Journal of Action Research, 2013, volume 9, issue 2  

First pages

Danilo R. Streck: Editorial     151-154

Orlando Fals Borda
Action Research in the Convergence of Disciplines     155-167

Werner Fricke
A Realistic View of the Participatory Utopia. Reflections on Participation     168-191

Danilo R. Streck
Participation in Social Research: “Quijotism” or Construction of a World View?     192-208

Peter Cressey, Peter Totterdill, Rosemary Exton
Workplace Social Dialogue as a Form of ‘Productive Reflection’     209-245

Marcos Bidart Carneiro de Novaes, Janette Brunstein
The Development of Managerial Competencies: A Collaborative Inquiry into the Practice of Sustainability     246-269

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International Journal of Action Research, 2013, volume 9, issue 1  

Special issue:
Participation and Power
Guest editors: Marianne Kristiansen & Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen

First pages

Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen: Editorial     5-14

Are Thorkildsen
Participation, Power and Democracy: Exploring the Tensional Field between Empowerment and Constraint in Action Research     15-37

Claudia Nick, Paul Fuchs-Frohnhofen
Attempts of a Participatory Approach to Helping Improve the Value and Appreciation of Geriatric Nursing in Germany – Looking at the “PflegeWert” Project from an Action Research Perspective     38-66

Birgitte Ravn Olesen, Helle Merete Nordentoft
Walking the talk? A Micro-Sociological Approach to the Co-production of Knowledge and Power in Action Research     67-94

Marianne Kristiansen
Dynamics between Organisational Change Processes and Facilitating Dissensus in Context Inquiring Dialogues     95-123

Emil A. Sobottka
Participation and Recognition in Social Research     124-146

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International Journal of Action Research, 2012, volume 8, issue 3  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     241-244


Tuomo Alasoini
A New Model for Workplace Development in Finland. Rethinking Employee Participation and the Quality of Working Life in the Context of Broad-based Innovation Policy     245-265

Hella von Unger
Participatory Health Research with Immigrant Communities in Germany     266-287

Leandro Rogério Pinheiro
Trash Pickers and Position Taking Regarding the Environmental Field: The Participation in the Recycling Chain in Southern Brazil     288-309

Konanani Khorommbi, Willem (Willie) Coetzee, Sue Geldenhuys
Tourism Development in the Catchment of Lake Fundudzi to Promote Sustainable Development     310-341

Karina Becker
Hybrid Participation. A Hinge between Individual Participation and Institutional Co-determination     342-372

Contents of IJAR, volume 8, issues 1-3     373-374

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International Journal of Action Research, 2012, volume 8, issue 2  

First pages

Per Engelstad in memoriam     137-138

Danilo R. Streck: Editorial     139-141

Michel Jean-Marie Thiollent, Renata Ferraz de Toledo
Participatory Methodology and Action Research in the Area of Health     142-158

Geralyn Hynes, David Coghlan, Mary McCarron
Developing Practice in Healthcare: The Contribution of Bildung to Negotiating the Tensions among Practical, Professional and Organisational Knowing     159-184

Laila Wattar, Sandrine Fanous, Peter Berliner
Challenges of Youth Participation in Participatory Action Research – Methodological Considerations of the Paamiut Youth Voice Research Project     185-211

Gomercindo Ghiggi, Martinho Kavaya, Avelino da Rosa Oliveira
Otchiwo, Ondjango and Culture Circles: From Ovimbundu and Freirian Vital Experiences to Angolan Education. Experiencing Intercultural Dialogue as a Revitalisation of Action Research     212-230

Call for papers
Special Issue on Participation and Power in Participatory Research and Action Research
Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen (Guest editors)     231-235

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International Journal of Action Research, 2012, volume 8, issue 1  

Special issue:
Action Research – Different Conceptualisations, Similar or Different Approaches?
Guest editor: Olav Eikeland

First pages

Olav Eikeland, Werner Fricke: Editorial     5-8


Olav Eikeland
Action Research – Applied Research, Intervention Research, Collaborative Research, Practitioner Research, or Praxis Re-search?     9-44

A. B. (Rami) Shani, David Coghlan, Stefano Cirella
Action Research and Collaborative Management Research: More than Meets the Eye?     45-67

Inda Schaenen, Angela Kohnen, Pablo Flinn, Wendy Saul, Jane Zeni
‘I’ is for ‘Insider’: Practitioner Research in Schools     68-101

Henri Savall, Véronique Zardet, Michel Péron, Marc Bonnet
Possible Contributions of Qualimetrics Intervention-Research Methodology to Action Research     102-130

Guidelines     131-132

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International Journal of Action Research, 2011, volume 7, issue 3  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     245-247


Werner Fricke
Socio-political Perspectives on Action Research. Traditions in Western Europe – Especially in Germany and Scandinavia     248-261

Gerhard Riemann
Self-reflective Ethnographies of Practice and their Relevance for Professional Socialisation in Social Work     262-293

Wivian Weller, Catarina Malheiros da Silva
Documentary Method and Participatory Research: Some Interfaces     294-318

Elza Maria Fonseca Falkembach
The Case of the Enfoc/Contag, a Trade Union School in Brazil: Systematisation in Process     319-346

Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen
Participation as Enactment of Power in Dialogic Organisational Action Research. Reflections on Conflicting Interests and Actionability     347-380

Discussion Forum

Werner Fricke: Some Critical Reflections on „ Participation as Enact-ment of Power in Dialogic Organisational Action Research. Reflections on Conflicting Interests and Actionability“     381-388

Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen: Participation as Enactment of Power in Dialogic Organizational Action Research – Response to Werner Fricke     389-392

Contents of IJAR, volume 7, issues 1-3     393-394

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International Journal of Action Research, 2011, volume 7, issue 2  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     135-138


Werner Fricke
Innovatory Qualifications and Democratic Participation. Experiences and Reflexions stimulated by an Action Research Project     139-159

Michel Thiollent
Action Research and Participatory Research: An Overview     160-174

Danilo R. Streck, Edla Eggert, Emil Sobottka, Telmo Adams, Cheron Zanini Moretti
Research, Participation and Social Transformation: Notes on the Unfolding of a Research Practice     175-195

Ulrich Brinkmann
Internalisation of Markets and Internal Entrepreneurship: Competition or Co-operation?     196-240

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International Journal of Action Research, 2011, volume 7, issue 1  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     5-7


Klaus Dörre
Functional Changes in the Trade Unions. From Intermediary to Fractal Organization?    

Ingrid Artus
Union Low-pay-worker Representation and the sans-papiers Strikes in France    

Taylor McInnes, Charles P. Chen
Chronic Career Indecision: Amalgamate Career Development Theories and Action Research Perspectives    

Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva
Constructing a Participatory Approach for the Evaluation of Social Policies and Programmes    

Book Review

Fals Borda, Orlando (2009): Una sociología sentipensante para América Latina: Antología
reviewed by Danilo R. Streck    

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International Journal of Action Research, 2010, volume 6, issue 2-3  

First pages

Danilo Streck: Editorial     151-154


Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen
Employee Driven Innovation in Team (EDIT) – Innovative Potential, Dialogue, and Dissensus     155-195

Alfonso Torres Carrillo
Generating Knowledge in Popular Education: From Participatory Research to the Systematization of Experiences     196-222

Mathew Tasker, Linda Westberg, Richard G. Seymour
Action Research in Social Entrepreneurship: A Framework for Involvement     223-255

Gunilla Albinsson, Kerstin Arnesson
How Critical Can You Be as an On-going Evaluator?     256-287

David Coghlan
Interiority as the Cutting Edge between Theory and Practice: A First Person Perspective     288-307

Book Reviews

Wolfgang Streeck (2009): Re-Forming Capitalism. Institutional Change in the German Political Economy
Steffen Lehndorff (ed.) (2009): Abriss, Umbau, Renovierung? Studien zum Wandel des deutschen Kapitalismusmodellss
Gerhard Bosch, Steffen Lehndorff and Jill Rubery (eds.) (2009): European Employment Models in Flux: A Comparison of Institutional Change in Nine European Countries
reviewed by Oliver Nachtwey     308-314

Contents of IJAR, volume 6, issues 1-3     315-316

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International Journal of Action Research, 2010, volume 6, issue 1  

First pages

Bjørn Gustavsen: In Memory of Stephen Toulmin     5-10

Richard Ennals, Øyvind Pålshaugen, Danilo Streck: Editorial: To Our Readers – and to Werner Fricke    


John Shotter
Movements of Feeling and Moments of Judgement: Towards an Ontological Social Constructionism    

Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen
Scientific Knowledge through Involvement – How to Do Respectful Othering    

Steffen Lehndorff
Models of Capitalism in Europe: Towards the Return of the State?    

Hajo Holst, Oliver Nachtwey, Klaus Dörre
The Strategic Use of Temporary Agency Work – Functional Change of a Non-standard Form of Employment    

Book Review

Kenneth J. Gergen (2009): Relational Being. Beyond Self and Community
reviewed by Bjørn Gustavsen    

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International Journal of Action Research, 2009, volume 5, issue 3  

First pages


Øyvind Pålshaugen
How to Generate Knowledge from Single Case Research on Innovation?    

Jarle Moss Hildrum, Henrik Dons Finsrud, Pål Klethagen
The Next Generation of National R&D Programmes in Norway: Consequences for Action Research and Regional Development    

Satu Kalliola
Learning along with Participatory Action Research – A Finnish Perspectiv    

John Shotter
Instead of Managerialism: From What Goes on Inside Our Heads to What Our Heads (and Bodies) Go on Inside of – the World between Us    

Book Reviews

David Coghlan and Teresa Brannick (2010): Doing Action Research in Your Own Organisation reviewed by Richard Ennals     342-347

Contents of IJAR, volume 5, issues 1-3     347-348

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International Journal of Action Research, 2009, volume 5, issue 2  

First pages


Tuomo Alasoini
Alternative Paths for Working Life Reform? A Comparison of European and East Asian Development Strategies    

Marcos Bidart Novaes,Maria Amelia Santoro Franco, Rosana Pontes
Facing Resignation and Silence: A Transforming Action-Research Experience in Brazil    

Bob Dick
Action Research and New Media Concepts    

Book Review

Susan E. Noffke, Bridget Somekh (eds.) (2009): Handbook of Educational Action Research
Jean McNiff und Jack Whitehead (2009): Doing and Writing Action Research
reviewed by Richard Ennals    

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International Journal of Action Research, 2009, volume 5, issue 1  

First pages

Werner Fricke, Øyvind Pålshaugen: Editorial     5-12


Danilo R. Streck
Popular Education and Participatory Research:
Facing Inequalities in Latin America    

Klaus Dörre, Hajo Holst, Oliver Nachtwey
Organizing – A Strategic Option for Trade Union Renewal?

Ole Fogh Kirkeby
Phronesis as the Sense of the Event    

Robert Farrands
Opening to the World through the Lived Body: Relating Theory and Practice in Organisation Consulting    

Book Review

Olav Eikeland (2008): The Ways of Aristotle. Aristotelian phrónêsis, Aristotelian
of Dialogue, and Action Research
reviewed by
Ole Fogh Kirkeby    

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International Journal of Action Research, 2008, volume 4, issue 3  

First pages


Salvo Leonardi
Union Organisation of Employees in Atypical and Precarious Work in Italy          

Michael Whittall, Alan Tuckman
Employee Forums in the UK: Friend or Foe of Trade Unions?          

Christina Hee Pedersen, Birgitte Ravn Olesen
What Knowledge – Which relationships? Sharing Dilemmas of an Action Researcher    

David Coghlan, Paul Coughlan
Exploiting the Reach to Explore the Richness in Inter-organizational Action Research

Book Review

Sanford F. Schram, Brian Caterino (eds.) (2006): Making political science matter – Debating knowledge, research, and method
reviewed by Olav Eikeland    

Contents of IJAR, volume 4, issues 1-3     320-322

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International Journal of Action Research, 2008, volume 4, issue 1+2  

Special Issue
Working Life Reform in Difficult Times: International Experiences
Editors: Werner Fricke, Richard Ennals, Øyvind Pålshaugen

First pages

Werner Fricke: Editorial     6-14


Bjørn Gustavsen
Learning from Workplace Development Initiatives: External Evaluations versus Internal Understandings    

Robert Arnkil
In Search of Missing Links in Disseminating Good Practice – Experiences of a Work Reform Programme in Finland    

Tuomo Alasoini
Building Better Programmes: Learning Networks in the Promotion of Workplace Innovation    

Claudius H. Riegler
Why is Learning from National Working Life Programmes not a Matter of Course?    

Thoralf Ulrik Qvale
Regional Strategies to Meet Globalization: How Single Plants Innovate together to Remain Viable and Secure Employment. The Grenland Industrial Cluster and Telemark    

Berit Moltu
Satirical and Romantic Stories about Organisational Change. Actor Network Theory and Action Research    

Conference Report

When Shall We Meet Again?
An Overview on the International ‘Insightful Encounters’ Conference, 5th-7th March 2008 in Porvoo, Finland
by Tuomo Alasoini

Book Reviews

Marianne Kristiansen, Joergen Bloch-Poulsen (2005): Midwifery and Dialogue in Organizations – Emergent Mutual Involvement in Action Research    
reviewed by Olav Eikeland    

Lothar Hack, unter Mitarbeit von Irmgard Hack (2007): Wie Globalisierung gemacht wird. Ein Vergleich der Organisationsformen und Konzernstrategien von General Electric und
reviewed by Andreas Boes and Katrin Trinks    

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International Journal of Action Research, 2007, volume 3, issue 3  

Special Issue
Interactive Research
Guest editors: Lennart Svensson, Per-Erik Ellström, Goran Brulin

First pages

Werner Fricke: Editorial     229-232

Lennart Svensson, Per-Erik Ellström, Göran Brulin
Introduction – on Interactive Research    

Lennart Svensson, Jörgen Eklund, Hanne Randle, Gunnar Aronsson
Interactive Research – an Attempt to Analyse two Change Programmes    

Lotta Svensson
It’s Being Close that Makes it Possible to Accept Criticism!    

Petter Ahlström, Fredrik Nilsson, Nils-Göran Olve
Mobilising and Nurturing Collaboration in Research – the Value of a Focused Imagination    

Casten von Otter
Improving Learning Capabilities: A Case Study of an Independent Research Unit in Interaction with the Local Community    

Ewa Gunnarsson
Other Sides of the Coin. A Feminist Perspective on Robustness in Science and Knowledge Production     

Contents of IJAR, volume 3, issues 1-3     364-366

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International Journal of Action Research, 2007, volume 3, issue 1+2  

Special Issue
On the Diversity of Action Research

First pages

Werner Fricke: Editorial     6-8

Øyvind Pålshaugen: Introduction - On the Diversity of Action Research     9-14


Marianne Kristiansen
Relational and Existential Challenges of Practicing Dialogic Action Research - Working with Social Concrete Blocks in Organizations    

Olav Eikeland
Why Should Mainstream Social Researchers Be Interested in Action Research?    

John Shotter
With What Kind of Science Should Action Research Be Contrasted?    

Bjørn Gustavsen
Research Responses to Practical Challenges: What Can Action Research Contribute?     

Danilo R. Streck
Research and Social Transformation: Notes about Method and Methodology in Participatory Research    

Davydd Greenwood
Pragmatic Action Research    

Bob Dick
Action Research as an Enhancement of Natural Problem Solving    

Margaret H. Vickers
Reflections from an Action Researcher: Why We Do What We Do    

Gill Coleman, Margaret Gearty
Making Space for Difference: The CARPP Approach to Action Research    

Book Review

Shaw, Ian F. / Greene, Jennifer C. / Mark, Melvin M. (Eds.) (2006): The Sage Handbook of Evaluation     215-223
reviewed by Thomas Widmer

The 15th ICSD Symposium - Seeking Harmony and Promoting Social Development in a World of Conflict     224

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International Journal of Action Research, 2006, volume 2, issue 3  

First pages

Werner Fricke
General Reflections on how to Practice and Train for Action Research    

Øyvind Pålshaugen
Constructive Practice and Critical Theory: The Contribution of Action Research to Organisational Change and the Discourse on Organisations    

Bjørn Gustavsen
Learning Organisation and the Process of Regionalisation    

Myriam N. Torres, Silvia E. Moraes
Building Socially Responsive Curricula through Emancipatory Action Research: International Contexts    

Book Review

Carola Frege & John Kelly (eds.): Varieties of Unionism. Strategies for Union Revitalization in a Globalizing Economy     375-377
reviewed by Catharina Schmalstieg

On the International Importance of Swedish Research on Work, Organization, and ICT     378-380

Contents of IJAR, volume 2, issues 1-3     381-382

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International Journal of Action Research, 2006, volume 2, issue 2  

First pages

Werner Fricke: Editorial     143-148

Øyvind Pålshaugen: Dilemmas of Action Research – an Introduction     149-162

Marianne Kristiansen, Jørgen Bloch-Poulsen
Involvement as a Dilemma. Between Dialogue and Discussion in Team Based Organizations    

Julia Preece
Participatory Rural Appraisal: Lessons for Countries in the North?    

Sandra G. L. Schruijer
Research on Collaboration in Action    

Michiel Schoemaker
Shaping Communities of Work, an Organizational Development Approach    

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International Journal of Action Research, 2006, volume 2, issue 1  

First pages


Olav Eikeland
Phrónêsis, Aristotle, and Action Research    

Emil Albert Sobottka
The Responsibility of Governing and the Changes in the Workers' Party of Brazil    

Danilo R. Streck
The Scale of Participation: From Municipal Public Budget to Cities' Conference    

Klaus Dörre, Klaus Kraemer, Frederic Speidel
The Increasing Precariousness of the Employment Society: Driving Force for a New Right Wing Populism?     

Book Reviews     129-137

Beverly J. Silver (2003): Forces of Labour. Workers' Movements and Globalization since 1870. Cambridge University Press
reviewed by Mario Candeias

Hack, Lothar; Hack, Irmgard (2005): Wissen, Macht und Organisation. Internationalisierung industrieller Forschung und Entwicklung - ein Fallvergleich. Berlin: edition sigma
[Knowledge, Power, and Organization. Internationalization of Industrial Research and Development - a Case Comparison]
reviewed by Sabine Pfeiffer

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International Journal of Action Research, 2005, volume 1, issue 3  

First pages

Bjørn Gustavsen
Innovation and action research    

Enoch A. Lambert
Action research and the study of human being    

Mick Carpenter
Bridging the gap between collaborative and realist evaluation: A general critique and case study of European Union employment policies    

Ingunn Moser
Information and its uses in medical practice: A critical interrogation of IT plans and visions in health care    

Contents of IJAR, volume 1, issues 1-3     373-374

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International Journal of Action Research, 2005, volume 1, issue 2  

First pages

John Shooter
Inside processes: Transitory understandings, action guiding anticipations, and withness thinking       157-189

Margaret Vickers
Action research to improve the human condition: An insider-outsider and a multi-methodology design for actionable knowledge outcomes      

Ian Greer,Lou Jean Fleron
Labor and regional development in the U.S.A.: Building a high road infrastructure in Buffalo, New York      

David Coghlan, Claus Jacobs
Building capacity for learning and change through reflective conversation      

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International Journal of Action Research, 2005, volume 1, issue 1  

Special Issue
Participatory Action Research in
Latin America
Guest editors: Danilo Streck, Carlos Rodrigues Brandão

First pages

Werner Fricke: To our readers       5-6


Danilo Streck, Carlos Rodrigues Brandão
Introduction – Participatory Research    


Lola Cendales, Fernersando Torres, Alfonso Torres
“One sows the seed, but it has its own dynamics” An interview with Orlando Fals Borda   


Carlos Rodrues Bigues Brandão
Participatory research and participation in research. A look between times and spaces from Latin America   


Emil Sobottka, Edcribla Eggert, Danilo R. Streck
Research as political-pedagogical mediation. Reflections based on the Participative Budget   


Michel Thiollent
Insertion of Action-Research in the Context of Continued University Education     


Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva

Reconstructing a participatory process in the production of knowledge: A concept and a practice    99-120


Carlos Núñez Hurtado
A participatory citizen consultation: The case of the state of Michoacán, Mexico 


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