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JEEMS • Volume 21 • Issue 4 •  2016

Impressum, contents    385-388

Aleksy Pocztowski: Editorial     389-390

Anna Rogozińska-Pawełczyk
Expectations of the customer contact staff towards the employer and the possibilities of meeting them in banking institutions     391-405

Michael J. Morley, Agnes Slavic, József Poór, Nemanja Berber
Training practices and organisational performance: A comparative analysis of domestic and international market oriented organisations in Central & Eastern Europe     406-432


Gregor Pfajfar, Miha Uhan, Tony Fang, Tjaša Redek
Slovenian business culture – How proverbs shape dynamic leadership styles     433-457

Tanja Salamon, Borut Milfelner, Jernej Belak
Late payments explained by ethical culture     458-488


News/Information     489-506

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 21, 2016     507-508

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JEEMS • Volume 21 • Issue 3 •  2016

Impressum, contents    269-272

Rainhart Lang: Editorial     273-274

Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinaric, Krzysztof Obloj, Aleksandra Wasowska
Effectuation and causation: Two decision-making logics of INVs at the early stage of growth and internationalisation      275-297

Dijana Močnik, Karin Širec
Growth aspirations of early-stage entrepreneurs: Empirical investigation of South-Eastern and Western European countries      298-317

Marta Gancarczyk, Jacek Gancarczyk
SME supplier upgrading during the cooperation life cycle – Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe     318-351

Anja Svetina Nabergoj, Marko Pahor
Family-friendly workplace: An analysis of organizational effects in the transition economy     352-373

News/Information     374-384

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JEEMS • Volume 21 • Issue 2 •  2016

Impressum, contents    131-134

Łukasz Puślecki, Piotr Trąpczyński: Guest Editorial     135-137

Memorial     138


Łukasz Puślecki, Piotr Trąpczyński, Michał Staszków
Emerging advanced topics in an advanced emerging market? International business research in Poland in the period 1990-2014     139-168

Tobias Dauth, Agata Tomczak
Internationalization of top management teams: A comprehensive analysis of Polish stock-listed firms     167-183

Krisztina Demeter, Levente Szász
The diversity of European manufacturing plant roles in international manufacturing networks     184-208

Tiia Vissak, Xiaotian Zhang
A born global’s radical, gradual and nonlinear internationalization: A case from Belarus     209-230

Rafal Sliwinski, Magdalena Sliwinska
Growth and internationalization of fast growing firms     231-253

News/Information     254-269

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JEEMS • Volume 21 • Issue 1 •  2016


Impressum, contents

Irma Rybnikova: Editorial


Editorial Statistics 2015


Hülya Gündüz Çekmecelioglu, Gönül Kaya Özbag
Psychological empowerment and support for innovation in Turkish manufacturing industry: Relations with individual creativity and firm innovativeness     10-34

Mirosava Đurišic-Bojanovic
The interplay between cognitive styles and organisational change     35-59

Basak Uçanok Tan
The role of work centrality in the relationship between work alienation and organisational commitment: A study of Turkish SMEs     60-81


Leposava Grubic-Nesic, Slavica Mitrovic, Boban Melovic, Stevan Milisavljevic
Differences between the state/public and private sectors in organizations in Serbia regarding the functionality of managers’ decision making     82-102

Book Review     103-106

News/Information     107-130

Guideline for authors     129-132

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JEEMSVolume 20 Issue 4 •  2015

Impressum, contents

Eckhard Dittrich: Editorial     413-414


Sonia Ferencikova, Tatiana Hluskova
Internationalization of Central and Eastern European companies – theory and its implications in the Slovak IT sector     415-434

Jacob Eisenberg, Artur Pieczonka, Martin Eisenring, Jacek Mironski
Poland, a workforce in transition: Exploring leadership styles and effectiveness of Polish vs. Western expatriate managers     435-451

Marko M. Mihic, Sinisa M. Arsic, Milos Z. Arsic
Impacts of entrepreneurs’ stress and family members on SMEs’ business success in Serbian family-owned firms     452-483

József Poór, Ruth Alas, Sinikka Vanhala, Péter Kollár, Agnes Slavic, Nemanja Berber, Anna Slocinska, Kinga Kerekes, Monica Zaharie, Sonja Ferencikova, Anton Barasic
Idealism and relativism in ethics: The results of empirical research in seven CEE countries & one North European country     484-505

News/Information     506-536

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 20, 2015     537-538

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JEEMS • Volume 20 • Issue 3 •  2015

Impressum, contents

Anna Soulsby: Editorial


Tim Gittins, Matthias Fink
Return migration, informal learning, human capital development and SME internationalization in the CEE region: A systematic literature review     279-303

Tomasz Gołębiowski, Małgorzata Stefania Lewandowska
Influence of internal and external relationships of foreign subsidiaries on innovation performance. Evidence from Germany, Czech Republic and Romania     304-327

Marian Gorynia, Jan Nowak, Piotr Trąpczyński, Radosław Wolniak
Outward FDI of Polish firms: The role of motives, entry modes and location factors     328-359

Lidia Danik, Izabela Kowalik
Success factors and development barriers perceived by the Polish born global companies. Empirical study results     360-390

News/Information     391-407

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JEEMS • Volume 20 • Issue 2 •  2015

Impressum, contents

Maja Makovec, Tony Fang: Guest Editorial


Sandra Penger, Vlado Dimovski, Judita Peterlin
Rethinking dialogue and education between Slovenia and China: Sustainability – our common language?     153-173

Nada Zupan, Robert Kaše, Matevž Rašković, Kai Yao, Chunyan Wang
Getting ready for the young generation to join the workforce: A comparative analysis of the work values of Chinese and Slovenian business students     174-201

Judita Peterlin, Vlado Dimovski, Miha Uhan, Sandra Penger
Integrating stakeholders’ multiple intelligences into the leadership development of a cross-cultural entity: Evidence from the CI Ljubljana     202-225

Alison Pearce, Rose Quan
International staff mobility in higher education: To what extent could an intra-European entrepreneurial approach be applied to Sino-CEE initiatives?     226-254

Book Review
Loren Graham: Lonely Ideas - Can Russia Compete?
reviewed by Sanja Tepavcevic     255-258

News/Information     259-271

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JEEMS • Volume 20 • Issue 1 •  2015

Impressum, contents

Thomas Steger: Editorial

Editorial Statistics 2014


Dávid Bauer
Successful leadership behaviours in Slovak organizations’ environment – an introduction to Slovak implicit leadership theories based on GLOBE study findings     9-35

Yuliya Ponomareva, Timurs Umans
An integrative view on managerial discretion: A study of a Russian firm in transition     36-67

Erich C. Fein, Aharon Tziner, Cristinel Vasiliu, Mihai Felea
Considering the gap between Implicit Leadership Theories and expectations of actual leader behaviour: A three-study investigation of leadership beliefs in Romania     68-87

Research Notes

T. Mesut Eren, Alfredo Jimenez
Institutional quality similarity, corruption distance and inward FDI in Turkey     88-101

Joanna Purgal-Popiela
Managing international assignments in Polish companies operating in foreign markets –analysis of preliminary empirical results     102-118

News/Information     119-141

Guidelines for Authors     142-145

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JEEMSVolume 19 Issue 4 •  2014

Impressum, contents

Ed Clark: Editorial     385-386


Milan Nikolić, Jelena Vukonjanski, Milena Nedeljković, Olga Hadžić, Edit Terek
The relationships between communication satisfaction, emotional intelligence and the GLOBE organizational culture dimensions of middle managers in Serbian organizations     387-412

Ibrahim Anil, Ekrem Tatoglu, Gaye Ozkasap
Ownership and market entry mode choices of emerging country multinationals in a transition country: evidence from Turkish multinationals in Romania     413-452

Lidija Breznik, Matej Lahovnik
Renewing the resource base in line with the dynamic capabilities view: a key to sustained competitive advantage in the IT industry     453-485

Jong-Kun Jun, Jae Hoon Hyun
Anticipation or risk aversion? The effects of the EU enlargement on Korean trade and FDI activities in Central and Eastern Europe     486-503

News/Information     504-527

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 19, 2014     528-529

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JEEMS • Volume 19 • Issue 3 •  2014

Impressum, contents

Rainhart Lang: Editorial     275-276

Janez Prašnikar, Dragan Mikerevic, Damjan Voje
Blockholding and organisational diversity: the case of a transition economy     277-304

Roger Moser, Christian Paul Jian Wei Kuklinski, Markus Weidmann
The impact of institutions on the resources of foreign companies: the case of third party logistics service providers in Russia     305-326

Noémi Csigéné Nagypál
Corporate social responsibility of Hungarian SMEs with good environmental practices     327-347

Biljana Ratkovic Njegovan, Iva Šidanin
Public broadcasting crisis as management crisis: a case study of radio television of Vojvodina     348-367

News/Information     368-380

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JEEMS • Volume 19 • Issue 2 •  2014

Impressum, contents

Irma Rybnikova: Editorial     129-130

Statistics 2013     131-132

Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala
Risk management practices from risk maturity models perspective     133-159

Vera Belaya, Jon Henrich Hanf
Power and influence in Russian agri-food supply chains: Results of a survey of local subsidiaries of multinational enterprises     160-184

Galina Shirokova, Irina Berezinets, Alexander Shatalov
Organizational change and firm growth in emerging economies     185-212

Branka Ahlin, Mateja Drnovšek, Robert D. Hisrich
Exploring the moderating effects of absorptive capacity on the relationship between social networks and innovation     213-235

News/Information     236-268

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JEEMS • Volume 19 • Issue 1 •  2014

Impressum, contents

Dieter Wagner: Editorial


Matthias Filser, Fabian Eggers, Sascha Kraus, Éva Málovics
The effect of financial resource availability on entrepreneurial orientation, customer orientation and firm performance in an international context: an empirical analysis from Austria and Hungary     7-30

Andrei Panibratov, Marina Latukha
Obtaining international results through partnerships: evidence from Russian MNEs in the IT sector     31-57

Tomaž Kolar, Vesna Zabkar
The effect of general consumer attitudes and personality traits on attitudes towards domestic and multinational products in the Balkan region     58-80

Simon Oertel
Density imprints and organisations’ survival chances: a question of organisational ancestors     81-105

News/Information     106-117

Guideline for Authors     118-121

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JEEMSVolume 18 Issue 4 •  2013

Impressum, contents

Tomaž Cater, Rainhart Lang, Erna Szabo: Editorial     439-441


Tomaž Cater, Rainhart Lang, Erna Szabo
Values and leadership expectations of future managers: Theoretical basis and methodological approach of the GLOBE Student project     442-462

Doina Catana, Danijel Pucko, Renata Krzykala-Schaefer
How future managers view societal culture: A comparison across seven CEE countries     463-481

Rainhart Lang, Erna Szabo, Gheorghe Alexandru Catana, Zdenka Konecná, Petra Skálová
Beyond participation? Leadership ideals of future managers from Central and East European countries     482-511

Anna Remišová, Anna Lašáková, Renata Krzykala-Schaefer
Corporate social responsibility in European countries: The keystones of the concept and intercultural connotations     512-543

Special Issue Annex
AnnTomaž Cater, Rainhart Lang, Erna Szabo
The GLOBE Student project: Methods and sample structures     544-550

News/Information     551-563

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 18, 2013     564-565

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JEEMS • Volume 18 • Issue 3 •  2013

Impressum, contents

Thomas Steger: Editorial


Krisztina Demeter, Levente Szász
Towards solution based thinking: characteristics of servitization at Hungarian manufacturing companies     309-335

Alessia Pisoni, Luciano Fratocchi, Alberto Onetti
Subsidiary autonomy in transition economies: Italian SMEs in Central and Eastern European countries     336-370

Ali Turhani
Governance of public-private partnerships: Lessons learned from an Albanian case     371-385

Oana Cătălina Iederan, Petru Lucian Curşeu, Patrick A.M. Vermeulen, Jac L. A. Geurts
Antecedents of Strategic Orientations in Romanian SMEs: An Institutional Framing Perspective     386-408

News/Information     409-429

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JEEMS • Volume 18 • Issue 2 •  2013

Impressum, contents

Anna Soulsby: Editorial


Aleksandar Jankulović, Vladimir Škorić
Performance management system implementation in a Southeast European transitional country     173-190

Witold Nowiński, Alex Rialp
Drivers and strategies of international new ventures from a Central European transition economy     191-231

Jorma Larimo, Ahmad Arslan
Determinants of foreign direct investment ownership mode choice: Evidence from Nordic investments in Central and Eastern Europe     232-263

Daniel Zdolsek, Iztok Kolar
Management disclosure practices for disaggregated (financial) information in Slovenian unlisted companies     264-289

News/Information     290-304

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JEEMS • Volume 18 • Issue 1 •  2013

Impressum, contents

Rainhart Lang: Editorial

Statistics 2012


Werner Auer-Rizzi, Gerhard Reber
Leadership Styles: Inertia and changes in the Czech Republic     9-35

Alfredo Jiménez Palmero, Juan José Durán Herrera, Juan Manuel de la Fuente Sabaté
The role of psychic distance stimuli on the East-West FDI location structure in the EU. Evidence from Spanish MNEs     36-65

Igor Gurkov
Why some Russian industrial companies innovate regularly: Determinants of firms’ decisions to innovate and associated routines     66-96

Miha Škerlavaj, Chunke Su, Meikuan Huang
The moderating effects of national culture on the development of organizational learning culture: A multilevel study across seven countries     97-134

Research Note

Csaba Makó, Péter Csizmadia, Miklós Illéssy, Ichiro Iwasaki, Miklós Szanyi
Diffusion of Innovation in Service Firms (Hungarian versus Slovakian Business Service Firms)     135-147

Book Review     148-149

News/Information     150-161

Contents of JEEMS Vol 17, 2012     162-163

Guideline for Authors     164-167

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JEEMSVolume 17 Issue 4 •  2012

Impressum, contents

Horatiu Dragomirescu: Editorial


Olga Ivanova, Sylvaine Castellano
Signalling legitimacy for SMEs transition environments – the case of the Bulgarian IT Sector     398-422

Svetlana Serdukov
From the chaos of transition economy to “normalized” managerial practices: The role of group interaction in creating meaning in managerial work     423-444

Biljana Bogićević Milikić, Nebojša Janićijević, Božidar Cerović
Two decades of post-socialism in Serbia: Lessons learned and emerging issues in human resource management     445-463

Peter Zámborský
Emergence of transnational clusters: Evidence from the Slovak automotive industry     464-479

News / Information     480-492

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JEEMS • Volume 17 • Issue 3 •  2012

Impressum, contents

Irma Rybnikova: Editorial


Anna Remišová, Zuzana Búciová
Measuring corporate social responsibility towards employees     273-291

Mateja Bodlaj
Do managers at two hierarchical levels differ in how they assess their company’s market orientation?     292-312

Karmen Kern Pipan, Boštjan Gomišcek, Janez Mayer
Exploratory study of quality and excellence approaches and continuous improvement from the perspective of new institutionalism     313-332

Jelena Vukonjanski, Milan Nikolic, Olga Hadžic, Edit Terek, Milena Nedeljkovic
Relationship between GLOBE organizational culture dimensions, job satisfaction and leader-member exchange in Serbian organizations      333-368

Research Note

Tanja Arh, Borka Jerman Blažic, Vlado Dimovski
The impact of technology-enhanced organisational learning on business performance: An empirical study     369-383

News / Information     384-391

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JEEMS • Volume 17 • Issue 2 •  2012

Impressum, contents

Thomas Steger: Editorial



Malgorzata A. Wdowiak, Erich J. Schwarz, Robert J. Breitenecker, Richard W. Wright
Linking the cultural capital of the entrepreneur and early performance of new ventures: A cross-country comparison     149-183

Biljana Ratkovic Njegovan, Miloš Crnomarkovic
School management in Serbia: key aspects of its relation to school success     184-204

Christian Hirt, Renate Ortlieb
Cultural standards of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Empirical findings and implications for strategic human resource management      205-225

Doina Catana, Gheorghe Alexandru Catana
Continuity and change in Romanian societal culture dimensions     226-249

News / Information     250-268

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JEEMS • Volume 17 • Issue 1 •  2012

Impressum, contents

Ed Clark: Editorial

Statistics 2011


Karin Širec, Dijana Močnik
Gender specifics in entrepreneurs’ personal characteristics     11-39

Aljaž Stare
The impact of a project organisational culture and team rewarding on project performance     40-67

Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Maja Zaman Groff
Contemporary performance measurement systems in central and eastern Europe: a synthesis of the empirical literature     68-103

Alenka Slavec, Igor Prodan
The influence of entrepreneur’s characteristics on small manufacturing firm debt financing     104-130

News / Information     131-137

Guideline for Authors     138-141

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JEEMS • Volume 16 • Issue 4 •  2011

Impressum, contents



Sergey Filippov, Geert Duysters
Competence-building in foreign subsidiaries: The case of new EU member     286-314

Mimoza Kasimati
Job satisfaction and turnover under the effect of person-organization fit in Albanian public organizations     315-337

Marion Festing, Ihar Sahakiants
Determinants of share-based compensation plans in Central and Eastern European public companies: An institutional analysis     338-357

Research Note

Matej Lahovnik
Strategic fit between business strategies in the post-acquisition period and acquisition performance     358-370

News / Information     371-397

Contents of JEEMS Vol 16, 2011     398-399

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JEEMS • Volume 16 • Issue 3 •  2011

Impressum, contents



Gregory Ludwig, Jon Pemberton
A managerial perspective of dynamic capabilities in emerging markets: The case of the Russian steel industry     215-236

José Mondéjar-Jiménez, Juan-Antonio Mondéjar-Jiménez, María-Leticia Meseguer-Santamaría, Manuel Vargas-Vargas
An empirical assessment of individual level determinants of social capital in Central European countries     237-250

Research Note

Mladen Pečujlija, Nedžad Azemović, Rešad Azemović, Đorđe Ćosić
Leadership and productivity in transition: employees’ view in Serbia     251-263

News / Information     264-276

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JEEMS • Volume 16 • Issue 2 •  2011

Impressum, contents



Doris Gomezelj Omerzel, Roberto Biloslavo, Aanita Trnavcevic
Knowledge management and organisational culture in higher education institutions     111-139

Marina Latukha
To stay or leave: Motives behind the decisions of graduate programs? trainees? in European and Russian companies     140-161

Birgit Leick
Barriers to co-operation and competitive advantage: cross-border business networks of Saxon and Northern Bohemian firms     162-184

Book Review
Martin Myant / Jan Drahokoupil (2010): Transition economies: Political economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia
reviewed by Marcus Dittrich     185-186

News / Information     187-207

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JEEMS • Volume 16 • Issue 1 •  2011

Impressum, contents


Statistics 2010


Victoria Golikova, Päivi Karhunen, Riitta Kosonen
Subsidiary evolution in a transition economy: Kemira GrowHow in the Russian fertilizer market     9-30

Bruno Grancelli
Local development in the rural regions of Eastern Europe: Post-socialist paradoxes of economic and social entrepreneurship     31-53

Michael Wyrwich, Ina Krause
Coping with the market: Are there cohort effects for organisations in transition?     54-74

Research Note

Jürgen Mühlbacher, Michaela Nettekoven, Jure Kovac
Competency management in Slovenia: Paradoxes between Development trends and drivers of change     75-90

News / Information     91-95

Guideline for Authors     96-99

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JEEMS • Volume 15 • Issue 4 •  2010

Impressum, contents



Katarina Katja Mihelič, Bogdan Lipičnik
Corporate managers and their potential younger successors. An examination of their values     288-311

Gábor Harangozó, Sándor Kerekes, Ágnes Zsóka
Environmental management practices in the manufacturing sector ? Hungarian features in international comparison     312-347

Research Notes

Simon Čadež, Albert Czerny
Carbon management strategies in manufacturing companies: An exploratory note     348-360

Alexey Prazdnichnykh, Kari Liuhto
The Russian enterprise directors? perceptions on the innovation activity of their company: A briefing of the empirical results     361-368

News / Information     369-389

Contents of JEEMS Vol 15, 2010     390-391

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JEEMS • Volume 15 • Issue 3 •  2010

Impressum, contents



Tomaž Čater, Danijel Pučko
Factors of effective strategy implementation: Empirical evidence from Slovenian business practice     207-236

Schien Ninan, Jonas F Puck
The internationalization of Austrian firms in Central and Eastern Europe     237-259

Research Note
Vladimir Radenkovič
Business practices in corporations of radio and television cable distribution programmes in Serbia     260-272

News / Information     273-281

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JEEMS • Volume 15 • Issue 2 •  2010

Impressum, contents



Tomasz P. Bednarczyk, Dirk Schiereck, Hendrik N. Walter
Cross-border acquisitions and shareholder wealth: Evidence from the energy industry in Central and Eastern Europe     106-127

Gheorghe-Alexandru Catanặ, Doina Catanặ
Organizational culture dimensions in Romanian finance industry     128-148

Manfred Perlitz, Lasse Schulze, Christina B. Wilke
The demographic and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe – Management implications     149-176

Research Note
Igor Gurkov
Strategy techniques for the times of high uncertainty     177-186

News / Information     187-199

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JEEMS • Volume 15 • Issue 1 •  2010

Impressum, contents


Statistics 2009


Jure Kovač, Manca Jesenko
The connection between trust and leadership styles in Slovene organizations     9-33

Corinna Dögl, Dirk Holtbrügge
Competitive advantage of German renewable energy firms in Russsia – An empirical study based on Porter’s diamond     34-58

Research Note
Zoltán Buzády
The emergence of a CEE-regional multinational – A narrative of the MOL Group plc.     59-76

Book Review
Uwe Christtians / Harald Zschiedrich (2010): Grenzüberschreitende Kooperationen – Erfahrungen deutscher und polnischer mittelständischer Unternehmen und Banken
reviewed by Rainer Springer     77-80

News / Information     81-100

Guideline for Authors     101-104

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JEEMS • Volume 14 • Issue 4 •  2009

Impressum, contents



Jon H. Hanf, Taras Gagalyuk
Supply chain quality and its managerial challenges – Insights from Ukrainian agri-food business     332-356

Andrej Bertoncelj, Darko Kovač
Gender difference in the conative component of entrepreneurial orientation     357-368

Dirk Holtbrügge, Jonas F. Puck
Stakeholder networks of foreign investors in Russia: An empirical study among German firms     369-394

Research Note
Kari Liuhto, Marika Heikkilä, Eini Laaksonen
Political risk for foreign firms in the Western CIS – An analysis on Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine     395-407

News / Information     408-415

Contents of JEEMS Vol 14, 2009     416-417

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JEEMS • Volume 14 • Issue 3 •  2009

Impressum, contents



Roberto Biloslavo, Peter Friedl
Influence factors in change methods choice and their impact on change deficiencies: A case study of construction industry in transition economy    

Arjan Vliegenthart
Who is undermining employee involvement in postsocialist supervisory boards? – National, European and international forces in the revision of Hungarian company law    

Ed Clark, Anna Soulsby
Perceptions of MNC management: Local parent sensemaking in international joint venture process    

Research Note

Bostjan Aver, Simon Cadez
Management accountants’ participation in strategic management process: A cross – industry comparision    

News / Information     323-329

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JEEMS • Volume 14 • Issue 2 •  2009

Impressum, contents



Hugo Zagoršek, Vlado Dimovski, Miha Škerlavaj
Transactional and transformational leadership impacts on organizational learning    

Nikolaus Beck, Peter Walgenbach
The economic consequences of ISO 9000 Certification in East and West German firms in mechanical engineering industry    

Tomaž Cater, Barbara Cater
(In)tangible resources as antecedents of a company’s competitive advantage and performance    

Andrei Panibratov
Internationalization process of Russian construction industry: Inward investments perspective    

News / Information     229-238

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JEEMS • Volume 14 • Issue 1 •  2009

Impressum, contents


Statistics 2008


Zsuzsa Karoliny, Ferenc Farkas, József Poór
In focus, Hungarian and Central Eastern European characteristics of hunman resource management – An international comparative survey    

Igor Gurkov
Strategy process as formlation and realization of corporate goals: The synthesis of surveys in Russian firms    

Galina Shirokova
Organizational life – cycle: The characteristics of developmental stages in Russian companies created from scratch    

Wen-Shinn Low, Soo-May Cheng
Establishing and restructuring marketing channels: An exploratory study of a Taiwanese company in Russia

Research Note
Anatoliy G. Goncharuk
How to make suger production more effective: A case of Ukraine    

News / Information     124-137

Guideline for Autors     138-141

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JEEMS • Volume 13 • Issue 4 •  2008

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Katharina Bluhm, Vera Trappmann     280-281


Katharina Bluhm, Vera Trappmann
Economic Elites in enlarged Europe    

György Lengyel
Multipositional and transnational members of the Hungarian economic elite at the end of the 1990s: Their social characteristics and income chances    

Bernd Martens
East German economic elites and their companies two decades after the transformation (“Wende”): Still following the patterns of the 1990s    

Krzysztof Jasiecki
The changing roles of the post – transitional economic elite in Poland    

Jan Drahokoupil
Who won the contest for a new property class? Structural transformation of elites in the Visegrád Four region    

News / Information     378-392

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 13, 2008     393-394

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JEEMS • Volume 13 • Issue 3 •  2008

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Rainhart Lang     191-192


Heather Skinner, Krzysztof Kubacki, Gloria Moss, David Chelly
International marketing in an enlarged European Union: Some insights into cultural heterogeneity in Central Europe    

Agnes Borgulya, Judit Hahn
Work related values and attitudes in Central and Eastern Europe    

Research Notes

Jon Henrich Hanf, Vera Belaya
Retail internationalization and ist impact on the Russian agri – food business    

Colin C. Williams
Illegitimate wage practices in Eastern Europe: The case of “evelope wages”    

Book Review

Julia Kusznir (2008): Der politische Einfluss von Wirtschaftseliten in russischen Regionen. Eine Analyse am Beispiel der Erdöl – und Erdgasindustrien, 1992 – 2005 - reviewed by Dirk Holtbrügge     271-272

News / Information     273-279

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JEEMS • Volume 13 • Issue 2 •  2008

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Dieter Wagner     104-105


Päivi Karhunen
Toward convergence in the St. Petersburg hotel industry through the lens of institutional theory    

Eckhard Dittrich, Heiko Schrader, Christo Stojanov
The development of small enterprises in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the Russian Federation    

Research Note

Heather Skinner, Krzysztof Kubacki, Scott Parfitt, Gloria Moss
Polish nightclubs and bars: Management insights into what customers really want    

News / Information     170-190

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JEEMS • Volume 13 • Issue 1 •  2008

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Ed Clark     5-7

Statistik     8-9


Matthias Heyder, Ludwig Theuvsen
Strategic management in the German brewing industry: Are there still differences between East and West    

Cornelia Zanger, Radka Hodicová, Hansjoerg Gaus
Psychic distance and cross – border cooperation of SMEs: An empirical study on Saxon and Czech entrepreneurs’ interest in cooperation    

Research Note

Chistoph Niederhut-Bollmann, Ludwig Theuvsen
Strategic management in turbulent markets: The case of the German and Croatian brewing industries    

News / Information     89-100

Guidline for Authors     101-104

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JEEMS • Volume 12 • Issue 4 2007

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Ingo Winkler     270-271

JEEMS on the SSCI!
From 2007 on JEEMS will be officially listed on the Social Sience Citation Index    


Peeter Vahtra, Kari Liuhto, Harri Lorentz
Privatisation or re - nationalisation in Russia?-Strangthening strategic government policies within the economy    

Elena A Iankova
Europeanisation of social partnership in EU-acceding countries    

Chistoph Dörrenbächer
Inside the transnational social space: Cross-border management and owner relationship in a German subsidiary in Hungary    

Micheal Clarkson, Matthias Fink, Sascha Kraus
Industrial cluster as a factor for innovative drive in regions of transformation and structural change: A comparative analysis of East Germany and Poland    

News / Information     365-371

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 12, 2007     372-373

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JEEMS • Volume 12 • Issue 32007

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Thomas Steger     178-179


Gyorgy Malovics, Gabor Racz, Sascha Kraus
The role of environmental management systems in Hungary – Theoretical and empirical insights    

Richard Grover, Mikhail Soloviev, Vladimir Zakharchenko
Corporate real estate management during the transition in Russia    

Kevin Dalton, Liz Kennedy
Management culture in Romania: Patterns of change and resistance    

Book Reviews

Harald Zschiedrich / Uwe Christians: Banken in Mittelosteuropa im Spannungsfeld von Tranformation und Innovation
reviewed by Reiner Springer     260-263

Martine Johanson: Managing networks in transiton conomies
reviewed by Heiko Schrader     263-264

News / Information     265-269

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JEEMS • Volume 12 • Issue 2 • 2007

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Ingo Winkler     87-88


Bogdan Lipicnik, Katarina Katja Mihelic
Great expectations? Enterprises' expectations about graduate education in the field of management: Evidence from Slovenia    

Ágnes Nemcsicsné Zsóka
The role of organisational culture in the environmental awareness of companies    

Marian Gorynia, Jan Howak, Radoslaw Wolniak
Motives and modes of FDI in Poland: An exploratory qualitative study    

Research Notes

Milan Nikolic, Deja Djordjevic, Dragan Cockalo
Research on certain aspects of PR function in Serbian    

News / Information     174-176

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JEEMS • Volume 12 • Issue 1 • 2007

Impressum, contents

Editorial: Rainhart Lang     5-7

Editorial Statistics 2006     7-8


Christos Kalantaridis, Lois Labrianidis, Ivaylo Vassilev
Entrepreneurship and institutional change in Post-socialist rural areas: Some evidence from Russia und the Ukraine    

Igor Gurkov
Dominant strategic archetype of the Russian industrial firm    

Niels Hermes, Theo J.B.M. Postma, Orestis Zivkov
Corporate governance codes and their contents: An analysis of Eastern European codes    

News / Information     75-82

Guideline for Authors     83-86

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JEEMS • Volume 11 • Issue 4 2006

Impressum, contents     299-302

Editorial: Eckhard Dittrich     303-304


Martin Brussig, Ute Leber
Formal and informal ways of learning in employer-provided further training in East and West German enterprises: Results from a large-scale establishment survey     

Krzysztof Jackowicz, Oskar Kowalewski
Why do companies go private in emerging markets? Evidence from Poland    

Ruzena Lukášová, Emilie Franková, Alois Surynek
Organizational culture of Czech manufacturing companies: An empirical typology     

Research Note

Ralph-Elmar Lungwitz, Peter Le, Sebastian Campagna
Co-ordination media in cross-national networks of small and medium-sized enterprises     

News / Information     381-386

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 11, 2006     387-388

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JEEMS • Volume 11 • Issue 3 • 2006

Editorial: Ingo Winkler     203-204

Rune Gulev
Economic cultural influence: Effect on headquater - Subsidiary management Slovenia and three longstanding EU countries    

Tone Cešnovar
The impact of strategic management on business outcomes - Empirical research    

Dorota Dobosz-Bourne
Reverse diffussion of quality evidence from general motors UK and Poland    

Research Notes

Csaba Mako, Péter Csizmadia, Miklós Illéssy
Labour Relations in comparative perspective - special focus on the SME sector (Part 2)      

Ádám Angyal, Júlia Csanda
Corporate governance in the Hungarian banking and insurance sector    

News / Information     302-309

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JEEMS • Volume 11 • Issue 2 • 2006

Editorial: Dieter Wagner     89-90

Aleksander Rutkowski
Inward FDI skilled labour, and product differentiation in the CEEC    

Johannes Steyrer, Ronald Hartz, Michael Schiffinger
Leadership in transformation between local embeddedness and global challenges    

Tomaž Čater, Danijel Pucko
Models of competition between firms: the case of Slovenia's (post)transitional economy    

Research Note
Csaba Makó, Péter Csizmadia, Miklós Illéssy
Labour relations in comparative perspective - special focus on the SME sector    

Book Review
Daniel J. McCarthy/Sheila M. Puffer/Stanislav V. Shekshnia: Corporate Governance in Russia - reviewed by Thomas Steger    

News / Information     197-202

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JEEMS • Volume 11 • Issue 1 2006

Editorial: Rainhart Lang     5-6

Statistics 2005     7-8

Miha Škerlavaj, Vlado Dimovski
Study of the mutual connections among information-communication technologies, organisational learning and business performance    

Witold Nowinski
An assessment and forecast highlighting the importance of restructuring and integration in cross-border acquisitions in Poland. An analysis of M&A experts' opinions    

Julia Rozanova
Portrayals of corporate social responsibility: A comparative analysis of a Russian and a Canadian newspaper    

News / Information     72-85

Guideline for Authors     86-89

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JEEMS • Volume 10 • Issue 4 2005

Editorial: Rainhart Lang     271

Peeter Vahtra, Harri Lorentz
Assessing the Rationale in Strategic Alliances - Gazprom's Expansion into the Finnish Natural Gas Market   

Research Notes
Paul R. Lawrence, Charalambos A. Vlachoutsicos, Snejina Michailova
From West-East knowledge transfer to effective working relationships: Lessons from Commercial Capital S.A.    

Zoltán Buzády
Reorganising Friesland Hungaria - A Case Study     314-328

In memoriam Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005)    

Book Review
Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries / Staniskav Shekshnia / Konstantin Korotov / Elizabeth Florent-Treacy / Edward Elgar (2004): The new Russian business leaders - reviewed by Igor Gurkov     347

News / Information     350-363

Contents of JEEMS Vol. 10, 2005     364-365

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JEEMS • Volume 10 Issue 32005

Editorial: Rainhart Lang     193-194

Marian Gorynia
Competitiveness of firms from Ziemia Lubuska and Poland’s accession to the European Union    

Igor Gurkov
Innovations in Russian industries: Conditions for implementation and impact on competitiveness     218-246

Research Note
Károly Balaton
Attitude of Hungarian companies towards challenges created by EU accession    

News / Information     259 ff

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JEEMS • Volume 10 • Issue 2 • 2005

Editorial: Ingo Winkler     105-106

Tünde Baga, Diether Gebert
Openness and Innovation within Organizations – An Empirical Analysis of the Transformation Process of Romanian Enterprises     107-130

Zoltán Buzády
Which club does your Alliance belong to? – An empirical classification of strategic alliances in post-transition Hungary      131-155

Research Note
Csaba Makó
Training and Competence Development in the SME Sector: The Hungarian Case     156-185

Book Review
Isolde Brade / Arne Sünnemann / Michael Anz: Russland. Aktuelle Probleme und Tendenzen, Leipzig: Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde 2004. – reviewed by Martin Kandels     186

News / Information     188-193

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JEEMS • Volume 10 • Issue 1 • 2005

Editorial: Rainhart Lang     5-6

Tomaž Čater
Interweaving of the Sources and Forms of a Firm’s Competitive Advantage: A Critical Review of the Adequacy of Existing Schools of Thought     7-36

Tomasz Mroczkowski, Mark Wermus, Linda D. Clarke
Employment Restructuring in Polish Companies during Economic Transition: Some Comparisons with Western Experience     37-54

Stefan Eckert, Frank Rossmeissl
Consequences of Convergence – Western Firm’s FDI Activities in Central and Eastern Europe at the Dawning of EU-Enlargement     55-74

Research Note
Tanja Gorcheva
The Differences in the Interactive Modification of Interaction between Target Groups and Personnel Management Tools      75-91

Book Review
Angela Ayios: Trust and Western-Russian Business Relationships, Aldershot: Ashgate 2004. – reviewed by Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J. Carthy     92

News / Information     94-98

Guideline for Authors     99-102

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